My Little Pony – FiM – Top Bolt (S6E24) S06E24 ✔

My Little Pony – FiM – Top Bolt (S6E24) S06E24

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The map calls Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle to the Wonderbolt Academy to solve a friendship problem between two trainees: the talented Sky Stinger and his seemingly less skilled partner Vapor Trail. While observing the two, Rainbow Dash and Twilight recognize that Vapor Trail, who dislikes being the center of attention, has been silently providing wind support for Sky Stinger, who fails to notice his own poor flight performance without her. Rainbow Dash and Twilight attempt to train the two separately while keeping Sky Stinger from finding out Vapor Trail’s actions to maintain his confidence. When he cockily refuses to cooperate, Vapor Trail blurts the truth to him, which ruins their friendship. Realizing they have approached the problem the wrong way, Rainbow Dash and Twilight persuade the two to help each other, successy allowing them to pass the academy entrance exam.
My Little Pony – FiM – Top Bolt (S6E24) S06E24
My Little Pony Top Bolt (S6E24) S06E24
My Little Pony S6E24 Top Bolt S06E24